Coffee Review: ROC2 Organic Coffee

ROC2 Coffee- Dirty Roast “To ensure your customers the best coffee experience possible” Coffee Grind: Whole beans Coffee Roast: Dark Origin: Best Brewing Methods: This coffee is so flavorful and strong, it would be best made as an espresso shot, and then watered down into an americano. Perfecto. Reason to try it: This coffee is one of the best I’ve… Read more →

Coffee Review: Allegro Italian Roast

Allegro Coffee- Italian Roast “Producer of sustainably delicious coffee, tea and spices, since 1977“ Coffee Grind: Medium (whole beans also available) Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark Coffee Origins: Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru Best Brewing Methods: With its powerful aroma and rich, velvety finish, it’s equally suited for espresso or luscious, full-flavored brewed coffee. Reason to try it: I think that Allegro coffee… Read more →

Coffee Review: Chameleon Cold Brew

Chameleon Cold Brew “Coffee, evolved” Coffee Form: Concentrated, each bottle makes 4-8 servings depending on the size Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark Coffee Origin: Organic Arabica Beans Brewed Time: 16 hours Reason to try it: I initially bought this Chameleon Cold Brew (the “mocha” flavored one) at a supermarket. To be honest, the packaging looked interesting to me, and the idea that… Read more →

Coffee Review: Cafe Bustelo

CAFE BUSTELO “The flavor that doesn’t hold back” Cuban Roast Coffee Grind: Fine (espresso grind) Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark Coffee Origin: Unavailable Best Brewing Methods: Stovetop espresso maker/espresso machine (these methods will compress the grinds at high heat and extract the oils, making the coffee richer and balancing the bitterness) Reason to try it: I am typically fiercely loyal to locally… Read more →

OVERTIME Cold Brew Coffee

OVERTIME Cold Brew Coffee {Day one} I have recently begun tinkering around in the kitchen and making my own “Cold Brew” Coffee mixtures. Let me say, it has been a quite tasty investigation. I am an avid coffee drinker, and the flavors that the cold brewing system brings out taste pure and refreshing. Cold brewing can also yield coffee that… Read more →