Coffee Review: ROC2 Organic Coffee

tccoffee1ROC2 Coffee- Dirty Roast

“To ensure your customers the best coffee experience possible”

Coffee Grind: Whole beans

Coffee Roast: Dark


Best Brewing Methods: This coffee is so flavorful and strong, it would be best made as an espresso shot, and then watered down into an americano. Perfecto.

tccoffee2Reason to try it:

This coffee is one of the best I’ve had, and it’s local! Here in the Phoenix area there are numerous coffee houses that have popped up, and this one truly stands out. It is strong in flavor without being overbearing, and crisp without being bitter.

tccoffee3ROC2 coffee is available at Whole Foods, La Grande Orange, Phoenix Public Market Cafe, French Grocery & Bodega, and at their roastery.

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