Coffee Review: Allegro Italian Roast

allegrocoffee2Allegro Coffee- Italian Roast

Producer of sustainably delicious coffee, tea and spices, since 1977

Coffee Grind: Medium (whole beans also available)

Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark

Coffee Origins: Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru

Best Brewing Methods: With its powerful aroma and rich, velvety finish, it’s equally suited for espresso or luscious, full-flavored brewed coffee.

allegrocoffee1Reason to try it:

I think that Allegro coffee is unique in that although it is a large company that produces a lot of coffee, the beans are not over-roasted. All too often, large coffee manufacturers will roast coffee a little too long on purpose, to ensure that each batch is uniform. However, Allegro coffee roasts their beans just to the point of full-flavor, and not beyond that. The other roast of theirs I am privy to is the French Roast.

allegrocoffee3I bought mine at Whole Foods… you can also check out all their other products on their website

Try it out! Thanks for visiting!


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