Monthly Archives: August 2014

German Chocolate Cake Jars

Well everybody, here we are. Week three of our month long cake jar installment! Taking a departure from the light and summery cake jars so far, and introducing a rich, decadent, German Chocolate Cake Jar. Its delicious at room temperature and also straight out of the fridge! Ingredientology: Some espresso powder is added to this chocolate cake batter to enhance… Read more →

Coffee Review: ROC2 Organic Coffee

ROC2 Coffee- Dirty Roast “To ensure your customers the best coffee experience possible” Coffee Grind: Whole beans Coffee Roast: Dark Origin: Best Brewing Methods: This coffee is so flavorful and strong, it would be best made as an espresso shot, and then watered down into an americano. Perfecto. Reason to try it: This coffee is one of the best I’ve… Read more →

Cream Cheese Smothered Banana Bread Cake Jar

Well hello there my fellow foodie! Have you come to see my second week of National Cake Jar Month? You have come to the right place. How do you feel about banana bread? Cream cheese? Frosting? If you answered positively to the aforementioned items, you will likely be a fan of these Cream Cheese Smothered Banana Bread Cake Jars. Come… Read more →

Coffee Review: Allegro Italian Roast

Allegro Coffee- Italian Roast “Producer of sustainably delicious coffee, tea and spices, since 1977“ Coffee Grind: Medium (whole beans also available) Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark Coffee Origins: Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru Best Brewing Methods: With its powerful aroma and rich, velvety finish, it’s equally suited for espresso or luscious, full-flavored brewed coffee. Reason to try it: I think that Allegro coffee… Read more →

Lemon Blueberry Cake Jars

Did you know that August is National Cake Jar Month? And that it is encouraged you eat as much cake in a jar as you can get your hands on? Okay, so maybe that’s not true. I may or may not have made that up. However, Ingredientology observes National Cake Jar Month and will be serving up cake jar recipes… Read more →