OVERTIME Cold Brew Coffee

OVERTIME Cold Brew Coffee


{Day one}

I have recently begun tinkering around in the kitchen and making my own “Cold Brew” Coffee mixtures. Let me say, it has been a quite tasty investigation. I am an avid coffee drinker, and the flavors that the cold brewing system brings out taste pure and refreshing. Cold brewing can also yield coffee that is stronger in caffeine content, as well as a product that is less acidic… win-win!

I use the Toddy cold brewing system. It is so easy, and comes with filters for you! I like to bottle my cold brew and label it, makes it a bit more whimsical.


The Ingredients:

12 Ounces Coarse Ground Coffee (I use a Kenyan/Columbian blend)

7 Cups water


The Method:

Gather the necessary equipment.

-Measure out 6 ounces of ground coffee coffeeinscale

-Place plastic stopper into bottom of brewing container

-Place dampened filter into bottom of brewer

-Pour one cup of water into bottom brewer

-Gently pour 6 oz of coffee into brewer (the more gentle you are, the less you will disturb the grounds and thus not clog the filter)

-Pour 3 cups of water, gently, in a circular motion on top of the grounds

-Pour the remaining 6 oz of coffee into brewer

-Wait 5 minutes, then pour the remaining 3 cups of water, gently, on the grounds

-Pat the grounds down, just making sure they’re all covered with water. DO NOT STIR THE MIXTURE (this will only clog the filter)

-Place plastic wrap over the mixture and let it steep on the counter top for 12-24, depending on how strong you want it























Voila! You have just begun to brew your own, delicious cold coffee. Now we just have to wait for it to finish brewing….


OVERTIME Cold Brew Coffee

{Day two}

The coffee grounds have now been steeping out on my counter top for 18 hours. Time to filter them into the decanter!


-Remove the rubber stopper from the bottom of the brewing container and place plastic container directly on top of glass decanter

-Allow time for all the coffee to filter through. It may be a very slow process












This mixture we have now created is actually a concentrate. I would recommend a recipe of 2/3 cold brew and 1/3 of whatever other solvent you wish (water, milk, heavy cream).


The cold brew is also delicious when it is heated up! Does not develop the bitterness that most coffee does when it goes from being cold to hot.


Keep decanter in the refrigerator.


Enjoy your very own cold brew creation!






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  1. Daniel
    June 8, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    I want your chocolate chip cookies! In the pics they look delish!

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