Coffee Review: Chameleon Cold Brew

chameleoncoffeesoloChameleon Cold Brew

“Coffee, evolved”

Coffee Form: Concentrated, each bottle makes 4-8 servings depending on the size

Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark

Coffee Origin: Organic Arabica Beans

Brewed Time: 16 hours

Reason to try it:

I initially bought this Chameleon Cold Brew (the “mocha” flavored one) at a supermarket. To be honest, the packaging looked interesting to me, and the idea that it was concentrated was a plus as I work night shift and am always looking for my next caffeine fix. After the first sip I was impressed. Wow, so smooth and easy to drink. Also- the cold brewing process produces a product that is less acidic, and more caffeinated. Win-win! You can mix it with any kind of dairy or sweetener, or just enjoy it black…

chameleoncoffeemixedI have seen it available to buy at AJ’s Fine Foods, Sprouts, and Whole Foods.

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