Coffee Review: Cafe Bustelo

cafebustelloCAFE BUSTELO

“The flavor that doesn’t hold back”

Cuban Roast

Coffee Grind: Fine (espresso grind)

Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark

Coffee Origin: Unavailable

Best Brewing Methods: Stovetop espresso maker/espresso machine (these methods will compress the grinds at high heat and extract the oils, making the coffee richer and balancing the bitterness)

Reason to try it:

I am typically fiercely loyal to locally roasted coffee blends, having worked in a coffee shop that roasts their own five-origin blend at least twice a week. However, I am also a sucker for enticing packaging… such as the Cafe Bustelo’s bright yellow and red labeling. I apprehensively purchased it, as it is only $3 for a 10oz “brick”. Brought it home, made it in my espresso machine, and loved it. There are some java notes, and the flavor is well roasted without being too “burned”.

Stovetop Brewing: If you have a stovetop espresso maker but have yet to try it, you can see thorough directions here


Try it out and let me know what you think of it!

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