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Coffee Review: Chameleon Cold Brew

Chameleon Cold Brew “Coffee, evolved” Coffee Form: Concentrated, each bottle makes 4-8 servings depending on the size Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark Coffee Origin: Organic Arabica Beans Brewed Time: 16 hours Reason to try it: I initially bought this Chameleon Cold Brew (the “mocha” flavored one) at a supermarket. To be honest, the packaging looked interesting to me, and the idea that… Read more →

Southwest Sausage Soup

If you’re like me, you often have unused produce in the refrigerator that spoils before you have the chance to use it. This recipe was developed from the need to… use up veggies before they spoil! Turns out, this southwest style soup with chicken sausage is a delectable way to utilize those odds and ends that reside in the vegetable… Read more →

Gourmet Cake Donuts [Gournuts]

I am fully aware of how unhealthy these little bites of heaven are. I am aware of the complications of high cholesterol and heart disease. Yet I am also aware that sometimes, on certain days, A DONUT IS ALL YOU NEED. Okay, that was dramatic. But truly, these fried cake donuts that are generously drizzled with a few different gourmet… Read more →

Coffee Review: Cafe Bustelo

CAFE BUSTELO “The flavor that doesn’t hold back” Cuban Roast Coffee Grind: Fine (espresso grind) Coffee Roast: Medium-Dark Coffee Origin: Unavailable Best Brewing Methods: Stovetop espresso maker/espresso machine (these methods will compress the grinds at high heat and extract the oils, making the coffee richer and balancing the bitterness) Reason to try it: I am typically fiercely loyal to locally… Read more →

Roasted Corn and Chicken Salad

As summer draws near… and the temperatures rise (at least here in Phoenix!) I am looking for lighter meals to carry me throughout the day. Hence this scrumptious and nutritious salad which is a lovely medley of fresh cherry tomatoes, roasted corn, diced avocado, herb chicken, goat cheese, and a Dijon mustard dressing. Ingredientology: The freshness component of this dish… Read more →

Cheddar Biscuits with Roasted Jalapeno Butter

   As great as all the sweet baked goods in the world are, there comes a time when something sweet does not suffice. Something savory, crunchy, flaky, moist, buttery…. I digress, is needed. These biscuits were developed for when that need overtakes you. I have to admit, the accompanying roasted jalapeno butter took even my taste buds by surprise. Just.… Read more →

Classic French Macarons

Let me first start by saying that, WOW, these were tricky for me. These cookies have very specific needs during the mixing process! I had agreed to bake some of these up for an engagement party, and had to make them twice… soooo needless to say, I struggled a bit. Let me say, I have now tried different recipes and… Read more →

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

I live by a hipster coffee shop that always has the most beautiful pastry displays. Lately, they have been selling these little bags of classic peanut butter cookies, and needless to say, I’ve been inspired to concoct the perfect recipe. I have tried many in the past, some using an equal ratio of vegetable shortening to butter, others where you… Read more →

Roasted Chicken and Artichoke Heart Sandwich

Have a hankering for a crusty, savory, satisfying sandwich? Look no further. Enter- roasted chicken, artichoke heart, melted mozzarella, olive tapenade deliciousness. The Italian seasoning, sea salt flakes, and fresh tomatoes will be sure to please you and your guests! Ingredientology: Italian seasoning and sea salt are used to bring out the best flavors of the chicken upon roasting, mozzarella… Read more →

Berry Yummy Raspberry Turnovers

With summer on its way and berries being in season, I am inspired to make some berry pie! This recipe is a sweet summer recipe that you can hold in your hand while you eat it! Enter- Raspberry Turnovers with Lemon Glaze. Ingredientology: The pie crust used in the recipe is modified from King Arthur Flour, substituting half of the… Read more →